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Respect, Relationships, and Resources 

There is no place like home! I look forward to the opportunity to represent my community as the next Mayor of The City of Orrville. I have always believed in every chapter of my life I have been exactly where I need to be. After 22 years in education I find myself with time on my hands after my recent retirement from Massillon City Schools. It is truly an honor to be a candidate for the next mayor of Orrville.  I am honored to be supported by my family, friends, OHS Alumni, teaching partners, former students, garden club, and TCF family. I have the trusted characteristics to lead Orrville with experienced and dedicated leadership throughout my career in education and administration.


I plan to build on and improve the accomplishments of the great City of Orrville through the 3 R’s of Respect, Relationships, and Resources.


22 Years of Administrative Experience

Assistant Principal, Massillon Intermediate Grades 4-6   2021 - 2022

Principal, Whittier Elementary School Grades K – 3         2004 - 2021

Principal, Franklin Elementary Grades Pre K – 2              2000 - 2004

Orrville School District Level Leadership Positions

  • Teacher, Maple Street School, Orrville, OH       Grade 4                    1991-2000

  • Member, Orrville City Schools, Union Negotiations Team,                1999-2000 

  • President, Education Association of Orrville,                                       1999-2000

  • President Elect, Education Association of Orrville,                              1997-1999 

  • Member, Orrville City Schools, Heartland teacher training committee

  • Member, Orrville City Schools, Technology Committee

  • Member, Orrville City Schools, Social Studies Committee

Community & Professional Service

Volunteer Swim Coach, Orrville High school, 2011-2013

Site Manager, 21st Century After School program Whittier Elementary, 2009-2011

Executive Member of WAGS Parent Group, 2004-2021

Committee Member for National Preschool Certification, 2004

Coordinator, Parent Advisory meetings and fundraisers, Franklin Elementary, 2000-2004

Timeless Treasures Antique Store Vendor 2018 - Present


What are the most important issues facing our community? How do you plan to address those issues?

There are several challenges that our City of Orrville will face in the future. The first is to meet the needs of our citizens in a progressing world. The second, being fiscally sound with the changing rules and regulations of collecting taxes, generating funds, and obtaining grants. I would recommend further planning of budgets beyond ten years plus years. Lastly, the safety and support of our firemen with proper compensation and facilities for the work they do everyday. Along with the continued support of the Police Department for the risk our officers take everyday to protect and keep our city safe. I would use a continued improvement template of identifying needs, planning, executing, and reviewing the results for future needs.

Why did you decide to run for Mayor? What leadership strengths do you bring to the job that will make you the best qualified for this position?

I have just completed a rewarding career in education and look forward to giving back to the community in which I lived in my entire life. With the support of my family, friends, and community, I will focus on the 3 areas called the 3 R’s of respect, relationships, and resources throughout my campaign. The first thing is to match up my skills I have in my 32 year experience in education as a teacher at Maple Street School to my 22 years as a principal in Massillon City Schools to the position of mayor. I plan a fulltime commitment to being mayor to support all departments of the city and to meet our citizens needs.

How do you plan to get input from the diverse groups of constituents?

I plan to get input from different groups through respecting and listening to everyone's view, building relationships with local, county, state, and national stakeholders, and strengthening our Orrville resources. This is achieved by working together to collaborate on the best solutions with the data available to meet the needs of our citizens and prepare our city for future success.

What will be your priorities for the first years as Mayor?

In my first year as mayor, I plan to build on and improve the accomplishments of this great city. I will lead by example through learning and collaborating with our city leaders, employees, elected officials, and citizens. I will use my experience in educational leadership to encourage positive relationships and recognitions. I will gather information to make informed decisions. I will carefully monitor our city finances and resources. I will be committed to the safety and protection of our citizens. I work with businesses and organizations to better serve our community needs.

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